Akaushi Ribeye - Heartbrand

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Heartbrand beef is a Texas company putting out real meat treats. If you are looking for a highly marbled, buttery, tender piece of goodness, we've got you covered. Each ribeye is approximately 1.25 inches thick, hand cut, and individually vacuum sealed. 

HeartBrand’s Akaushi beef has earned a Prime quality grade due to its intense marbling.

HeartBrand’s Akaushi beef is all-natural. The beef is free of antibiotics and growth promotants.

HeartBrand’ Akaushi beef does not contain any added hormones or other growth promotants of any kind.

Akaushi is a breed of Japanese cattle that has become available in the United States through HeartBrand Beef. Akaushi (Japanese Red Cattle) originated and evolved in Kumamoto, Japan. The cattle were developed to withstand the challenging climate and physiographic features of Kumamoto as well as the discriminating taste of Japanese consumers.

Check out Heartbrands website for more details on their Japanese beef and awesome backstory: https://heartbrandbeef.com/